FRQTAL is a platform focused on building communities that bring together creators, movements, brands, artists, and all kinds of creators with their followers, fans, or potential investors. All of this is in an environment controlled by private keys called FNFTs (non-fungible financial tokens).
FRQTAL represents a pioneering hybrid system, seamlessly blending centralized and decentralized elements to create a
layered content engine. This innovative approach empowers creators to effortlessly manage content, databases, AI, and DApps within a unified application. The key to this integration lies in the unique access granted to each user through the FNFT (non-fungible financial token) format.
In FRQTAL, we envision the future of the internet as the next generation that distributes content across distinct layers, ensuring enhanced browsing privacy and data protection. FNFTs mark an evolutionary step beyond traditional NFTs. The differentiating factor is the ability to encapsulate the buyer's capital directly within the NFT, setting it apart from its predecessors.
Moreover, FRQTAL introduces a groundbreaking concept with, the
Farming PoC (Proof of Content) automatically generated by the protocol, further enriching the user experience and incentivizing content creation.

We operate as an ecosystem that seamlessly integrates blockchain technology, applications, and layers of information. Users gain private access to these layers through their FNFTs (non-fungible financial tokens).

The Layers serve as content channels, enabling creators to publish and share information in diverse formats, including audio, video, image, and text. Security is ensured through private keys, accessible exclusively to users who hold
FNFTs (Financial Non-Fungible Tokens).
Within these layers, users can interact through comments, surveys, DApps, DApps,
sub-chats, widgets, and more, all within a separate and exclusive environment, away from public layers. The LAYERs provide creators with greater control and privacy over their content while allowing them to share it with a select and exclusive audience. Additionally, users have the opportunity to access exclusive content and engage in securely protected closed communities.

Depth of Layers

Layer Depth 1
Referred to as the foundational level in the FRQTAL App crypto, encompasses critical information essential for the security and privacy of the platform. Within this layer, the FRQTAL subnet resides, featuring its native currency FRQ, contracts in FNFTs, and access to various content formats like video, audio, and images. Additionally, consensus algorithms may be embedded within these layers to uphold network integrity and ensure the reliability of transactions.
Layer Depth 2
within FRQTAL delves into interoperability functions with other platforms and blockchain systems. This layer facilitates the implementation of bridges and connections with diverse networks, enabling the seamless transfer of digital assets across various blockchains. Additionally, it incorporates Daaps,
DAOs, and microDAOs with capabilities such as voting, locking, allowing, withdrawing, or increasing funds. These functionalities are applied to users within the FNFT collection and 3.0 software.
Governance and voting protocols are also embedded in this layer, empowering users to actively participate in decision-making processes on the platform. This inclusion provides users with a voice and a vote in shaping the development and evolution of the crypto ecosystem.
Within Depth Layer 3 of FRQTAL,
advanced features and functionalities are housed, encompassing elements like smart contracts, s,
decentralized applications (DApps), scalability solutions,
third-party plugins for interaction as new DOMAINS, AI-driven code generation,
multi-factor authentication, and any other applications that a third party aims to construct. This layer serves as a fertile ground for innovation, providing developers with tools to create cutting-edge applications and services on the platform. By leveraging blockchain technology, FRQTAL fosters the development of decentralized and transparent solutions across a spectrum of domains.
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