FRQTAL was born to expand the opportunities offered by the digital world to a much broader market, removing financial, creative, and knowledge barriers so that content creators can continue to exploit their potential with a new technology.
This technology was born to increase the tools that creators, as well as artists, can have to facilitate their presence in the digital world, the generation of value through their content, and the way they build communities around their passion.
In the year 2020, the concept of FRQTAL was developed, a company to create the next generation of access to web 3.0 content. The main goal of the company is to monetize creators and projects that can offer something to the world. FRQTAL emerged from the need for a creator's content to be exclusively theirs, providing absolute control over their property, allowing them to use it, rent it, sell it, auction it, or leverage it as the creator sees fit.
The company was founded by Alberto Garcia, who saw an opportunity in the online content market and decided to create a solution. From its inception, the company aimed to become a decentralized social network, although it evolved. In 2021, the development of the application began, and in 2022, the creation of the protocol was initiated. All of this was done with their capital, without having to rely on external sources.
Finally, in the year 2023, the official platform launch began, and the company started attracting potential customers and users. The focus was on attracting content creators and projects interested in monetizing their work more effectively and profitably. The idea is for FRQTAL to be a reliable and secure platform for creators to have total control over their property and make the most of it.
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